Research 02 – Collaborative Project (Olfactory installations)

Invisible Scent

By Peter De Cupere

This work is using scent / perfume / odor as painting materials and drawing on the wall by using that. For the outcome, the wall is still a white wall but with odor. Audience do not use eyes to enjoy the painting, instead, nose. From my perspective, that is a new way to explore a painting and pay attention to the importance of the function of nose.

The Art of Scent 1889 – 2012

By Diller Scofidio + Benfro design

屏幕快照 2016-02-24 上午5.23.15

04_Art-of-Scent big_402535_4350_02_2012_1107_DSR_ArtofScent_01472 1671310-slide-ric-kallaher-photo-684-mad-scent111912-3500-hires


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