After the tutorial, we got a few important suggestions and advice. Thinking about the structure of society and does it change humans’ living condition? Go back to animal’s level in the public, try to treat people as normal people. Why modern people have lost the basic viability in primitive society? What current issue you want to disscuss and speculate and how?

Basically, compared to other animals, humans are higher animals who own high intelligence that to explore and create di erent things. If humans want to be survival in dangerous nature environment among other animals, it is necessary to create defensive tools for protecting ourselves. With the development of the evolution of humans, we are able to adjust to nature environment. Besides the ability of living, humans are trying to explore more what they cannot acquire. Greed also is one of characteristics existing in humans’ mind deeply, that is why the world can keep growing and developing and also loosing something.

扫描 9 扫描 10


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