About OS People

OS People is object-sexuality people, most of them are animalism who believe everything has a soul.

Based on the introduction (Objectum-sexuality.org, 2016) and Love Among the Objectum sexual (Ejhs.org, 2016), I summarized a few points:

OS people is not included in those people who have sexual desire from objects. Object-Sexuality can be seen as a sexual orientation, but some of them come from various sexual orientation before like transgender, biological male and female and some of them has Asperger’s Syndrome and Autism.

OS people do not want objects have human personalities based on the introduction, survey and emails. Like talking, intimacy and sex.

Communication: They have their own thoughts and feelings on objects as well as the reply from objects.

Most of them are not interested in sexual things, spiritual connection and their own feelings are the most important things for them.

Photos, models and other things of the original object what OS people’s beloved can help them feel the one they loved is close to them.

Lack of acceptance by society, privacy and proximity are the main problems for OS people.

Overall, personally I think if OS people(animism) have the ability of creating their own thoughts on objects, then in some way it means OS people(animism) are personating the object. Thus, this phenomenon can be seen as imposing their own thoughts upon to objects. To a certain extend, put own thoughts on another things is personating because OS people are human beings. So this is a contradictory situation for the introduction from OS official web and what he/she said in corresponding with me.

(Note: Love Among the Objectum sexual, http://ejhs.org/volume13/ObjSexuals.htm

What is OS people: http://www.objectum-sexuality.org


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FMP Idea

For my FMP, basically my idea is about the relationship between natural thing and human beings. What I want to show is about reflecting the issue of making land commercially in China. The reason why I want to present this issue actually comes from the movie called Wawa No Cidal, which is talking about how taiwanese protect their personal lands with government. From the scene in this film, it is about rice waving with breeze.

After I saw it, I am thinking about this kind of nature wave from plants is very beautiful and thoughtful, but also is fleeting under the control of government and developers. Not only because of the plants themselves but also the unique existence of the land. In addition, the beauty of this kind of wave is different with the wave of the sea because that is occasional especially in cities. From the other hand, reflecting the problem of urbanization.

Ref: En Plein Vol By 
Antoine Terrieux & Camille Vacher

“Is that true?” is my first thought when I saw this project in Taipei Fine Arts Museum, the exhibition called The Way Things Go.

Actually, the mechanic behinds the project is not that high-teach: hairdryers, endless loops and random trajectories. That’s it, just a simple physical principle. The amazing part is not how to display the plane, is how to use normal physical principle to show a big difference and with simple method. Those artworks look very diffcult to do, but actually it is just to make use of all physical principle and amplify it by using different mediums.

The Camel Hump Garment, fuel shortage and global warming

Today, the main source of energy comes from fossil fuels, including oil, coal, natural gas, etc. And oil is the most consumed among these fossil fuels. As the name of fossil fuels, they took millions of years to become so and they are finite and non-renewable. At our current rate of consumption of fossil fuels, they will gone by 2060 (Ecotricity.co.uk, 2016). Humans are using fossil fuels (not renewable) widely in the production and even in almost every area of human activities.


https://www.ecotricity.co.uk/our-green-energy/energy- independence/the-end-of-fossil-fuels

Meantime, with fossil fuels using, the wide variety of environmental problems come from the process of burning fossil fuels — coal, oil, and gas. Then the carbon dioxide that is released that a ecting the natural environment and exacerbating the greenhouse e ect causing global warming (Cohen, 2016). In addition, Freon is used in most refrigeration equipments which causes harm to the ozone layer severely and leads to ozone hole that make ultraviolet more intense (Daikin.com, 2016). As a result, especially in summer, the temperature in some places is higher and higher year by year and for those people who can not bear the high temperature might be a ected on the health.

Developing renewable resources is one of solutions to reduce the using of limited fossil fuels and impacts of them. How to lower body temperature in an environmental-friendly way is our start point to think the problems and possibilities in the future. For most clothing on the market what owns the function of lowering body temperature is attributed to the design of fabric (wicking fabrics). This kind of fabrics facilitates sweat to distribute evenly over the fabric and dry more quickly, but not performing well (Popular Science, 2012).

Weini and I decided3_-_Power_of_Centralized_Fat_Unit[1] to think about what kind of material can lower body temperature more e ciently through a green way like using sustainable material and try to combine animal’s behavior together like camels. The ability of camel to fluctuate its body temperature coupled with anatomical and behavio
ural adaptation enable considerable saving in energy to be made. A camel’s body temperature can vary over a wide range under conditions of dehydration and intense heat and the reasons is its hump. From thermoregulation aspect, camel’s fat is concentrated in hump which enables sweat to be evaporated easily over and its skin can be seen as insulating medium (FAYED, 2016). Thus, the garment what we designed is based on the biological features of camels.


The Camel Hump Garment


The Camel Hump Garment


The Camel Hump Garment


Social Thing Research

For this project, I am gonna starting from objectùm-sexuality people who love objects on a very significant level (from a more simple way to explain that is those people fall in love with objects instead of a real person). See the specific information on objectùm-sexuality official web: http://www.objectum-sexuality.org

Based on research, objectùm-sexuality people actually are believe in ANIMALISM, objects have souls, intelligence and feelings, and able to talk. Objects are not just only objects, an object is more than an object. In the way of attribute of objects, they can seen as commendations. But are they really the things to be waiting for purchased and consumed?

For objectùm-sexuality people, the main communication method with objects is via instant sensation, and also talking with objects. For some of them, they would use the models of objects to talk and a deep way to communicate.

For Social Thing project, I am gonna figuring out the possibilities of objects for objectùm-sexuality people, like what can objects bring to them, the meaning of “love” itself, how to objectify an object or even people. For the result, I am going to design and refine the object which is able to enhance the relationship between objects and objectùm-sexuality people.