Why Sublime? (First Version Proposal Feedback)

For the first version of proposal, the question what I were researching is:
human beings are so tiny before the nature world, and the nature is the most powerful thing in the world. How natural phenomenon (sceneries) and things can influence human beings’ thinking method and do self-reflection is what I want to research for my FMP.

The impressive nature scenery is always can make people recall the memory and good times unconsciously. Why? Secondly, putting the natural scenery into a manmade space(public space) to create the contradiction via an interactive way that pushing people to think about whether human beings’ behaviors are positive or negative is my main aim in final project. Compared to the artificial natural scenery, what is the different between the nature one and the artificial one?

For example, Alexandra Kehayoglou used a carpet what are woven by herself to present the original beauty of the river (Basel2016.designmiami.com, 2016). Also the Artsy combined the interactive thing with the carpet, trying to let audience walk on the carpet just like walking on the grass. Generally, she used a new way of expression to show the status of the river in the past and by using that to make people be aware of humans’ behavior of destruction of the nature for their own benefits.

Figure.1 No Longer Creek, Art Basel 2016

Figure.1 No Longer Creek by Alexandra Kehayoglou, Art Basel 2016

Furthermore, most of natural sceneries just can be watched but cannot experience. ‘It can be only appreciated distantly but not touched blasphemously.’ is one old saying from ancient Chinese prose. Thus, is there any interactive way can bring immersive experience is what I want to do for my final project.

To be honest, the feedbacks are not bad. This is an interesting topic to talk about and the term of ‘sublime’ is came up from James which is going to a higher level. “What is the appeal of the experience of nature?” is the question I need to think further.

Artificial, natural and social can generate a new meaning of the scenery itself. Moreover, with viewers own feelings can make the scenery to achieve a high level. Even there is a given concept of one artwork by artists, people still can have various ideas and understanding for that artwork and this is the interesting part for undressing an artwork by viewers / users themselves.


Problems and improvement & Conclusion

Problems and improvement:

During the whole process of the project, Weini and I found that it is hard to de ne whether the ideas are ctions or not because speculating is about all possibilities in the future which might have some illusions unconsciously. However, possibilities are based on existing and occurrent things, which is the fundamental to make it possible. After that, we referred to existing and potential problems in the present and past, and chose the topic of fuel shortage, global warming and urbanization for our critical thinking. The second is we ignored the practicability of the garment and turtle shell like the speci c material and principle of how to produce them, which is an important step in future production and will be more scienti c.


In conclusion, human beings are no more ‘natural species’ because of the gradual evolution of technology. And humans depend on assistant tools (technical things) to help themselves strongly. For somehow, people are loosing instincts of animals. Rethinking the relationship between modern human beings and nature is important to do follow-up development in the futures. Why some animals can be survival from the past to present without any technical thing? Maybe that is the question we need to think.

The turtle shell

About this speculation, we inspired by Jaime Lerner who had a Ted Talk called a song of the city (Lerner, 2016). Basically, he is talking about the urbanization in the future which the situation would be more severe. He put the feature of turtle shell into his topic and proposed that it is reasonable to limit the expansion of urbanization into village like the shape of shell because the cost of daily such as commuting need to be spent more time which is more valuable.


                     Vita, The Turtle, Jaime Lerner

Climbing slowly, hiding into the shell and the instinct of living for hundred years are the three characteristics for turtles. According to Jaime, turtle is an example of living and working together, and also the casque of the turtle looks like an urban tessitura (Lerner, 2016). In order to improve the quality of life in cities and their relationship with the environment, three issues must be addressed: sustainability, mobility and solidarity. Live close to your work, or bring the work close to home is one of the touchstones of sustainability (Jaimelerner.com, 2016). Put it into another way, saving time is saving energy. The more you save and the less you waste, the more sustainable the equation is (Jaimelerner.com, 2016). Urbanization will make space smaller, how to make it functional and convenient is the core for the future. We use turtle’s shell as a daily object for those people who live far away from their working places. The function of the shell is providing a smart moveable place for resting and sleeping anywhere and anytime like users can sleep at working place and then they can use the time that should be used to commute for doing other valuable things.

SD-5 SD-3

Behind the Social Thing – Third Sex

At the beginning of this project, I was want to design an object for object-sexuality people to empower their emotional relationship with the objects they love like an interactive object (e.g. changing the color with body temperature). However, after talking with the representative of OS (object-sexuality people), it seems that they think I am not respect them because the one they love is cannot be placed with other things.

The core of OS people’s love with objects is about their own emotional thinking, which is so abstract and there is no representational things can be used. Sexual thing for them is also the redundant. But there is common view that OS people believe there is a soul in each object so that they would fall in love with them. Similarly, some people are animism who believe each object has a soul. And then I am thinking in this way: why when people in a happy mood then they can treat an object well, but if they are in a bad mood, then they might want to break object. The question is: does an object is able to feel happy or hurt and how about if we treat an object like as a lived thing?

The object I want to try is a sex toy (penis) because I am thinking about the role of sex toys in during making love, also the social / sexual status of users (normally are females). Thus, basically, the tribe for this social thing is about animism people, female during making love and also males (gay people).

What I want to show the idea through this object is about discussing whether sex toys are just toys (based on the real process of making love between persons). Females are in passive state during having sex, how about male to male, is that them same? No matter have sex or not, if you want to have sex with another guy, what you need to do is treating the penis well first, or you cannot enjoy it, is that fair to females? Also through this project, a sex toy with interactive function is important.

Final Object

After experiencing several failures, I asked to Gareth how to define what is an object for physical computer’s brief, is that must an real object or an object can be used? The answer what I got is not necessary to be a real product, it is about the function and the concept of your preoject.

At last, I decided to use the animation what I designed before and the touch sensor together to create a kind of experience. I tried to use wires as the conductive surface on the already erectile penis and connected that to touch sensor. On the one hand, unconsciously evoking people to squeeze the penis, and then the animation will do the relevant changes based on the pressure. On the other hand, encouraging people to say sexy words when they are squeezing the penis at the same time. Sexy word can also trigger the changes of animation.

And really thanks to Gareth for his helps on Arduino and Max. :))

IMG_0956 IMG_0965 IMG_0968 IMG_0964Screen Shot 2016-06-20 at 16.38.40Screen Shot 2016-06-20 at 16.38.59

Screen Shot 2016-06-20 at 17.15.19

Ref: Research (From Design Miami): No Longer Creek by Alexandra Kehayoglou and Artsy

First of all, the theme for 2016 Design Miami is Design at Lager which focus on the topic of landscape. As the official website states, ‘It explores the connections between the built and natural worlds from a literal, poetic, scientific or technological perspective.’ (Basel2016.designmiami.com, 2016)

“Nature” is also my final major project’s topic. I m  trying to find an issue or problem in current environment and use that to create an installation that which people can understand the seriousness of the problem.

Actually, ‘No Longer Creek’ is designed to presents the original status of the River Raggio by a carpet, North of Buenos Aires, Argentina. In the prehuman state, the river has a good status, but for now, river is dramatically altered by human activity and the beautiful natural topography and green. From the Alexandra’s work, she wants to reveal current status of environmental disruption.

Thus, she designed the carpet.

After that, Artsy join to this project and collaborated with Alexandra, make this from still to interactive dynamic which is really  interactive with experience. Basically, the carpet was placed on ground floor. At the same time, there is a huge projection from the celling which can show the live-action when people sitting on the carpet as an oil painting style. The carpet provides an opportunity to participants that they can walking on the carpet freely and experience the beauty  of River Raggio during prehuman state. Personally, I think Artsy is smart to make the carpet to an interactive attraction. The screen shows the harmony of original River Raggio and human beings and make people come to know the current state of River Raggio which is so terrible.

This kind of beautiful experience is temporary, so to a certain extend, the project has a strong influence to the public and make them to rethink about the human activity.

IMG_0797 IMG_0796


Basel2016.designmiami.com. (2016). DesignMiami/. [online] Available at: http://basel2016.designmiami.com/design-at-large [Accessed 18 Jun. 2016].

Ref: (From Atr Basel): Zoom Pavilion by Rafael Lozano-Hmmer and Krzysztof Wodiczko

Actually, this is a kind of sublime from date / Big Data. (Added on 15th Nov)

Basically, this art work is about rethinking the relationship between user’s privacy and the Internet. For the work itself, two artists use facial recognition algorithms to detect people’s faces and record where is his or her precise location when they are in this specific space.

After you entered this space, the picture of yourself will be shown on the giant screen which is via using projection work. And after a while, your picture will be zoomed up and every body can see that because the hidden camera is always tracing and identifying you all the time and reveal yourself to the public only if you are still in this space. To put it in another way, by using this intuitional experience to talking about the situation that everybody’s privacy is no more secret which is happening in our real life right now. Maybe one of the reason is people like sharing their pictures, information all the time like Facebook, tweet, Instagram. On the other hand, big data is easily collected by the Internet and other digital database.

How to keep the connection between people’s privacy and technology is the new problem for now and waiting to be solved. Because not of too much people know that their information can be easily acquired through different ways. Maybe, big data should not be saved or in another form. Or, we need a new rule in technology world?





Ref: (From Atr Basel): Gilberto Zorio – Microfoni

There is an art fair called art basel from 16th to 19th of June in 2016, Basel, Swaziland and I went to there for visiting different art works and try to open my mind and looking for inspirations.

Basically, the work of Microfoni uses words as the main form which will be created by participants randomly and make words be constructed and deconstructed in a certain space. Microphones are hanged up from the celling, participants can be protagonists when they are standing in front of the microphones and speaking any word they would like to. Microphones amplify the sound when people speaking, then the echo is being generated that creates new messages and fills the space. Generally, a new world is credited at the same time.

According to the artist, he said this is a sense of globalization. Personally, I agree with him. A globalization of participant and words. And I think this is an interesting way to attract people try to speak and to be a temporary ‘star’ at that moment. From the other hand, from this project, what I learned is about how to build a new rule of the world in a totally different way like the artist who used microphones rather than politics and principles.

Also, I am thinking if that is possible use the echo from the natural world like the sound of wind, sea wave, bird tweet and so on to create a nature space and a new natural environment.


Development for the ‘Penis’ with Air Pump – FAILED

What I tried to do is connecting the dildo inflatable with an air pump, so that the dildo can be inflated freely and controlled by Arduino and Max. Basically, audience speak sexy words to the object, and then the sound triggers air pump to start working that to make the penis bigger and bigger slowly.

But when I received the air pump where I bought from Amazon, Garethe and I found that is not able to be transformed which is kind of unibody design although we tried to separate the cover with the main body.


The Animation of Social Thing Improvement


The animation can explain the idea of this project easily because it can show the process of erecting from the soft to the hard of penis intuitively. The animation is controlled by the sound detector through MAX which can detect people’s voice and make relevant changes of responses based on the principle of the structure of penis in humans’ body.

Basically, what I want to show thorough the animation and the real object is the potential relationship between objects and humans’ mind, which is people always impose their own thoughts on other things (objects).