The turtle shell

About this speculation, we inspired by Jaime Lerner who had a Ted Talk called a song of the city (Lerner, 2016). Basically, he is talking about the urbanization in the future which the situation would be more severe. He put the feature of turtle shell into his topic and proposed that it is reasonable to limit the expansion of urbanization into village like the shape of shell because the cost of daily such as commuting need to be spent more time which is more valuable.


                     Vita, The Turtle, Jaime Lerner

Climbing slowly, hiding into the shell and the instinct of living for hundred years are the three characteristics for turtles. According to Jaime, turtle is an example of living and working together, and also the casque of the turtle looks like an urban tessitura (Lerner, 2016). In order to improve the quality of life in cities and their relationship with the environment, three issues must be addressed: sustainability, mobility and solidarity. Live close to your work, or bring the work close to home is one of the touchstones of sustainability (, 2016). Put it into another way, saving time is saving energy. The more you save and the less you waste, the more sustainable the equation is (, 2016). Urbanization will make space smaller, how to make it functional and convenient is the core for the future. We use turtle’s shell as a daily object for those people who live far away from their working places. The function of the shell is providing a smart moveable place for resting and sleeping anywhere and anytime like users can sleep at working place and then they can use the time that should be used to commute for doing other valuable things.

SD-5 SD-3


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