The Third Sex

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The Third Sex

Modern life came with interesting shifts in individuals’ sex activities, as sex toys are becoming an essential ingredient of one’s sexual life. The majority of users are female, but male population, both heterosexuals and homosexuals, are finding a good use for these pleasure tools. Generally, these toys are favoring a sexual experience stripped of the sexual encounter. Is this a bad user experience? During conventional sex, sexual arousal is the main commodity traded between those involved in sex, while these tools of sex offer the experience without the effort of flirting. Thus, the pleasure offered by sex toys is lacking the interactive side of it. So, should we look differently to the role and status of sex toys?

The very idea of The Third Sex came from the book named The Second Sex which is written by Simone de Beauvoir. After the World War Two, the book brought a change in the status of women. Among other issues considered, the role of female in sex activities should has been scrutinized. As women’s role changed, so should the use of sex toys, one might conclude.

Through the video below, you are invited to experience a more interactive connection with your sex toy. Through humor, the creators of the installation in the video are showing us that the key point of having sex is flirting mutually with each other, while women’s status and the sex toys revolution are the mediators of this experiment.

About installation

The animation illustrates the working principle, different stages of penile erection of penis with the changing of volume and pressure onto the sex toy. Basically, Processing receives pressure from the sex toy and in return, the toy passes this information to Max. The toy taming application. In the same time, the voice intensity of those who “experience” with the new toys is transmitted to Max, as the Processing and Max are working together.

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