Feedbacks for outcome

As I mentioned in “what is my final project”, interestingly, Ben is focused on the impossibility of my project.

Sublime is transcendental, intangible and abstract which is true. And my idea of final outcome is to build a perfect glass crystal ball (2.5 diameters) which will cost thousands pounds and lots of times. For this point, I could say this is a huge gap between ideal and reality with contradictions (this is also a part of the notion of sublime). “How can I approach that in a reachable way?” Um…That is a good question.

The Toaster Project by Thomas Thwaites is a good example on how to build a modern electrical equipment in a reachable way by himself, although the final outcome is ugly (personally, it is a beautiful project because of the unique).

To a certain extend, the process of how to make an impossible thing to a possible outcome is the key for one project. In other words, how to make the unapproachable ‘sublime’ in a approachable way is also a ‘sublime’, and no matter how is the final outcome, ugly or awful. Because the whole process is about how do I to approach that which is the most interesting part.



What is my final project?


One sentence for my project

An installation to restore a natural phenomenon which is not supposed to occur / happen in a manmade space by using an unexpected way.

Key Words: Artificial, Flow, Formalism, Nature, Repeat, Scale, Sublime

“A Crystal Ball”

A natural phenomenon

Snow, which is rarely can be seen in London


Crystal ball

A medium for recalling (nostalgia), especially for those people who going to leave London soon.


Amplifying the size of conventional crystal balls





Unexpected display method

Sublime from recalling by standing in a crystal ball
To experience the snow / rain in there

Expectation: To put this ball in different places, thus those places can become to backgrounds for the ball as an arear-memory.
(Tourist attraction)

Ref: Doug Aitken: Electric Earth

I was in Los Angles in September and went to the exhibiton called Doug Aitken: Electric Earth. Doug Aitken is an American artisit and filmmaker. He likes to try different genre and explore every medium, from film to installation and architectural interventions. At the same time, he has created a unique immersived aesthetic

This exhibition, he uses different mediums and forms to define 21st-century existence from relentless human, industrial, urban, and environmental entropy. Also, the form he chose for each artwork is absoutely amazing, especially for Song, Black Mirror, Migration and 100 Years. His perspective of seeing the world is unique and powerful. Nature is one of elements what Doug always keen on to explore, to show the gap between reality and imagination by using videos and sound, and then audiences are immersiving in this scene unconsciously.

When I was watching his film-based artworks, there was a speechless shock in my heart. Are they powerful, beautiful, cruel, or attractive?