Why Snow?

1. The initial idea of reproducing snow is because there is less snowing in London in winter. And also, to set up the dome and snowing in different public areas around London is also my ideal concept, so people can get in and experience the snow and to make a comparison with the background (the surrounding around the dome). However, this is not practical.

2. Snow effect is aslo a key element in crystall balls (sparkling slices).

3. Snow is the representation of romanticsim, especially in Christmas. And some people would say, “is that even a Christmas without snowing?”

4. Snowing also represents climate change.

5. The initial shape of snowflake is a perfect hexagonal prism, and the final form of the crystal will always have 6-fold symmetry because of the hexagonal way water molecules crystallise (Zentile, 2007, http://www.thenakedscientists.com/HTML/articles/article/science-of-snowflakes/). This is my first time to know shape chaning of snowflakes, which is incredible. How can snowflake keep 6-fold symmetry all the time from the beginning to ending?



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