Test of Snow Making

Now, the dome and the cover is amost done. The next problem need to be solved is the snow.

How to make snow effect? For my ideal concept is trying to make polystrene bead hovers in air by using the gaseous exchange. Thus, the snow effect can rotate circularly.

Here is an reference (En Plein Vol By Antoine Terrieux & Camille Vacher): a paper plane is rotaing over six hairdriers by using Bernoulli’s principle (Within a horizontal flow of fluid, points of higher fluid speed will have less pressure than points of slower fluid speed (Khan Academy, n.d).

Overall, this project looks so cool and might with high-tech things, but actually the fact is just about basic physical principle. How to transfer a normal phenomena to a so-called spectacular is much powerful than other high-tech thing. Sometime, people are ignoring the ability of discovering the natural power from the nature world.

The first test: Therefore, I tried to use the same principle to make snow rotate, but it is failed. Maybe because there is no enough hairdriers that can make a circul to cause the circular wind. But, the fake snow was hovering in air for a few seconds. Here is the picture of the test:



The second test: This test is inspired by a snowing Christmas tree what I found in a toy’s store in Westfield. Please see the picture below:


After that, I searched for the principle of the tree online, and luckly there is a DIY course on YouTube! Here is the link:

That is interesting, is it? Personally, it is a magic. And I also tried to imitate the process: the top of coke plastic bottle, a straw, some polystrene bead and a hairdrier. Please see the picture below:

img_7387 img_7393

Yayyyy, actually this test was working, but the prototype is too small to see the effect.

Here is a question: how to make the face snow rotating like the course in YouTube video? Because the dome is very huge and people will go inside, how to design the container for the fake snow and not split it out from the container?

The worst option: BUY A SNOW MAKER MACHINE!!!!!!

*Image of the project En Plein Vol: http://www.hanshinnews.com/news/articleView.html?idxno=12129


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