Arduino Take Off Workshop

Today, all the class is doing a workshop which is using arduino thing to send messages. All students are separated into 6 groups and distributed at 6 different places in LCC campus. The only request of transmitting message is using arduino and no any wireless.

For my group, Dele, Miyu and me are decided to use an old cup telephone way to transmit the message. In addition, through knocking the bottom of the cup via arduino and counting it for define the location of letters in coordinate graphs. 

For other groups, one group used the LED lightto present the letters; one group uses the colorful and shape of flags by rotating them; one group knock  the drum to generate the sound to define 26 letters. Anyway, that is an interesting workshop. About the final message is ‘shake hand’ with reception guys.

Trough the practice, it is a chance of exploring the possibilities of arduino and communicate with partners in a corporation way, also today’s work can be senn as a low *high task.