Google Nose Beta

Actually this is a trick for April Fools’ Day, but personally I think that is a meaningful and probable function in the future. Maybe scent can be saved digitally in the future, right?

Scentee – Smart Phone Accessory

Scentee is an accessory for smart phones, which can release a special scent when you receive a message. Just like the situation in this introduction film, if you are addicted in someone’s unique scent, then you will receive his or her ‘scent message’ through Scentee by changing diffuser.

I love this idea very much, especially for the idea of smelling somebody’s scent and because the effect of that is far exceed than ‘missing’ someone if he/she and you are not stay together. To a certain extend, scent is able to help you achieve something which is much important than what you see and hear.

Research 02 – Collaborative Project (Olfactory installations)

Invisible Scent

By Peter De Cupere

This work is using scent / perfume / odor as painting materials and drawing on the wall by using that. For the outcome, the wall is still a white wall but with odor. Audience do not use eyes to enjoy the painting, instead, nose. From my perspective, that is a new way to explore a painting and pay attention to the importance of the function of nose.

The Art of Scent 1889 – 2012

By Diller Scofidio + Benfro design

屏幕快照 2016-02-24 上午5.23.15

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Research 01 – Collaborative Project (Smell maps)

Smell Map Narratives of Place — Paris by Kate McLean

Developing a new angle of view of visiting a city (Paris) based on human olfactory experience, which is a way to explore the involuntary imagination and memory in human mind. Also, it is an emotional connection between people and places. Furthermore, the relationship between environment, city and peoples able to rediscover.

Kate choses Paris as her research place. First, perceiving smells which are distributed equally cross the city and able to represent Paris best and then recreating smell through a variety of techniques. After that, Kate invited different participant to smell the scent and then write down the feeling (might be a past experience, or similar scent or something else what are related to the scent). Based on the data she collected, then she visualized the data in form of cartography and digital app/pdf.

屏幕快照 2016-02-24 上午4.57.12

屏幕快照 2016-02-24 上午4.57.26

Her personal website: http://sensorymaps.com/


Maps are made of permanent features, while smell is evanescent, temporary, and transitory. A practical map allows users to relate its markings to the landscape they see, but a smell-map records odors that may exist only at the moment of its making; modern maps take an imaginary aerial view, but a smell-map has a human viewpoint, and is made on the ground, walking.

— Vagueness Gridlocked

A Map of the smells of New York

By Eleanor Margolies


There is another work called Smells of New York City by Jason Logan.