The Third Sex

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The Third Sex

Modern life came with interesting shifts in individuals’ sex activities, as sex toys are becoming an essential ingredient of one’s sexual life. The majority of users are female, but male population, both heterosexuals and homosexuals, are finding a good use for these pleasure tools. Generally, these toys are favoring a sexual experience stripped of the sexual encounter. Is this a bad user experience? During conventional sex, sexual arousal is the main commodity traded between those involved in sex, while these tools of sex offer the experience without the effort of flirting. Thus, the pleasure offered by sex toys is lacking the interactive side of it. So, should we look differently to the role and status of sex toys?

The very idea of The Third Sex came from the book named The Second Sex which is written by Simone de Beauvoir. After the World War Two, the book brought a change in the status of women. Among other issues considered, the role of female in sex activities should has been scrutinized. As women’s role changed, so should the use of sex toys, one might conclude.

Through the video below, you are invited to experience a more interactive connection with your sex toy. Through humor, the creators of the installation in the video are showing us that the key point of having sex is flirting mutually with each other, while women’s status and the sex toys revolution are the mediators of this experiment.

About installation

The animation illustrates the working principle, different stages of penile erection of penis with the changing of volume and pressure onto the sex toy. Basically, Processing receives pressure from the sex toy and in return, the toy passes this information to Max. The toy taming application. In the same time, the voice intensity of those who “experience” with the new toys is transmitted to Max, as the Processing and Max are working together.

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Behind the Social Thing – Third Sex

At the beginning of this project, I was want to design an object for object-sexuality people to empower their emotional relationship with the objects they love like an interactive object (e.g. changing the color with body temperature). However, after talking with the representative of OS (object-sexuality people), it seems that they think I am not respect them because the one they love is cannot be placed with other things.

The core of OS people’s love with objects is about their own emotional thinking, which is so abstract and there is no representational things can be used. Sexual thing for them is also the redundant. But there is common view that OS people believe there is a soul in each object so that they would fall in love with them. Similarly, some people are animism who believe each object has a soul. And then I am thinking in this way: why when people in a happy mood then they can treat an object well, but if they are in a bad mood, then they might want to break object. The question is: does an object is able to feel happy or hurt and how about if we treat an object like as a lived thing?

The object I want to try is a sex toy (penis) because I am thinking about the role of sex toys in during making love, also the social / sexual status of users (normally are females). Thus, basically, the tribe for this social thing is about animism people, female during making love and also males (gay people).

What I want to show the idea through this object is about discussing whether sex toys are just toys (based on the real process of making love between persons). Females are in passive state during having sex, how about male to male, is that them same? No matter have sex or not, if you want to have sex with another guy, what you need to do is treating the penis well first, or you cannot enjoy it, is that fair to females? Also through this project, a sex toy with interactive function is important.

Final Object

After experiencing several failures, I asked to Gareth how to define what is an object for physical computer’s brief, is that must an real object or an object can be used? The answer what I got is not necessary to be a real product, it is about the function and the concept of your preoject.

At last, I decided to use the animation what I designed before and the touch sensor together to create a kind of experience. I tried to use wires as the conductive surface on the already erectile penis and connected that to touch sensor. On the one hand, unconsciously evoking people to squeeze the penis, and then the animation will do the relevant changes based on the pressure. On the other hand, encouraging people to say sexy words when they are squeezing the penis at the same time. Sexy word can also trigger the changes of animation.

And really thanks to Gareth for his helps on Arduino and Max. :))

IMG_0956 IMG_0965 IMG_0968 IMG_0964Screen Shot 2016-06-20 at 16.38.40Screen Shot 2016-06-20 at 16.38.59

Screen Shot 2016-06-20 at 17.15.19

Development for the ‘Penis’ with Air Pump – FAILED

What I tried to do is connecting the dildo inflatable with an air pump, so that the dildo can be inflated freely and controlled by Arduino and Max. Basically, audience speak sexy words to the object, and then the sound triggers air pump to start working that to make the penis bigger and bigger slowly.

But when I received the air pump where I bought from Amazon, Garethe and I found that is not able to be transformed which is kind of unibody design although we tried to separate the cover with the main body.


The Animation of Social Thing Improvement


The animation can explain the idea of this project easily because it can show the process of erecting from the soft to the hard of penis intuitively. The animation is controlled by the sound detector through MAX which can detect people’s voice and make relevant changes of responses based on the principle of the structure of penis in humans’ body.

Basically, what I want to show thorough the animation and the real object is the potential relationship between objects and humans’ mind, which is people always impose their own thoughts on other things (objects).



Object Improvement

After a small prototype show, I received different suggestion from classmates and tutors.

I am grateful that most of people interested in my project.

Here is the suggestion:

  1. It would be better to set up a few specific words to trigger the movement.
  2. Try to think about this penis like a intelligent sex toy (like a revolutionary of sex toys).
  3. Making a video prototype can easily show the idea of the project.
  4. Apart from the sound control, if the penis can be responded by touching, then would it be more interactive?
  5. Simone de Beauvoir comes up the idea of the second sex which is about feminism (women’s oppression). Based on her philosophy, thinking about the role and relationship between sex toys and females or male, then ‘the third sex’ might be put forward to the public.

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  1. Triggering the penis via specific words is a good idea. Unfortunately, after research, I found that is so complex because it must use sound data to detect the sound like Siri things or from google which is hard to get the database.
  2. For most intelligent sex toys on the market now, the function is controlling by the app and can be used remotely for those couples who are in real long distance and but want to have mutual sex. It is smart, but personally I don’t think it defines the role of itself with users when they have sex.
  3. About touching, it is a good suggestion and do reflect the real response of a male’s penis in normal sex process between one person and another person. Thus, I tried to use touch sensor to do this, but I found that the object penis must have conductive surface so that can be triggered by touch sensor.
  4. IMG_0549
  5. About the third sex, I want to use the term “real interactivity” to define sex toys, sex toys are no more toys and tools, the are alive parts of human beings’ sex activities, I called it as…..






The Animation of Penis Controlled by Sound

It would be more clear that both showing the real object and the animation. So I made the animation via Max first. Basically, I drew the six pictures of illustrations of penis from soft to the hard first to show the whole process go how penis work. At the same time, viewers need to keep saying sexy words like ‘oh my dear’ and ‘do you wanna me’ which is just like what you are going to say when you having sex with other people. For sure, the penis will give the feedback like ‘oh yeah baby keep going’ to viewers that encouraging people keep saying until ejaculate.

wake up.jpg

Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 18.35.04

Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 13.31.11.png

I made the gif animation first and will improve it better in more details. Please the the pic below:


After this animation, I am gonna text the real penis sex toy with arduino. What I am going to use is:

– Solenoid with Arduino

– Tinketkit Mosfet transistor works as a switch to turn on solenoid

– MP3 Trigger
– Sound detector
with dildo inflatable penis: 71wpVSZzV2L._SL1500_

Resaerch – The Penis Wall by Peiqi Su

The penises of this project can sense the distance when people getting closer and closer to the wall and then all of the penises will get erecting. At the beginning, Su just wants to show the interactivity between human beings and technology, and penis is the most interactive part for every man. After that, Su uses the penis wall to represent the stock market of upward and downward movements. Furthermore, the penis wall was also developed to have the ability to dance with a piece of music.

For the start, Su’s project was just about the interaction between machine and penis, she thinks penis is the evoked part in human bodies which is interesting and researchable. After that, she put different meanings into her project.

However, my interactive sex penis toy is about the aura for every single penis of males. Penis is not reproducible and has the unique experience for each one. Penis cannot be used directly without temptation. Also, debating the initiative between male and female during the sex is what I want to present as well. Is female in passive position?


Social Thing Development and Prototype

Based on the research what I did before, I move the topic to the equality between objects and human beings from object sexuality people after talking with Nicolas (about an interactive penis for talking).

The idea is about the feminist, the aura of penis and sex toy (reproduction). Basically, most manmade penises can be used directly by females or males without any flirting. Thus, please thinking about if you are flirting with a sex toy and then the penis can feel what you are saying(sexy words) and getting harder and harder, also the penis would give the feedback to user like encouraging people keep say sexy words. Additionally, every penis on male is different and with unique aura, but sex toys are the result of reproduction in modern sociality and the real meaning of sex is lost.

This interactive penis will be placed on the wall with a unique environment (individual space) and let audience try to talk with it. The penis encouraging audience to think about the relationship between female and males, also the perspective of initiative. The most important thing is that this penis cannot be reproduced.

The prototype:

This is one of the solutions of making penis which controlled by sound sensor and servo. This idea is inspired by wood spring giraffe toy.

20160602-IMG_0344 20160602-IMG_0347

About OS People

OS People is object-sexuality people, most of them are animalism who believe everything has a soul.

Based on the introduction (, 2016) and Love Among the Objectum sexual (, 2016), I summarized a few points:

OS people is not included in those people who have sexual desire from objects. Object-Sexuality can be seen as a sexual orientation, but some of them come from various sexual orientation before like transgender, biological male and female and some of them has Asperger’s Syndrome and Autism.

OS people do not want objects have human personalities based on the introduction, survey and emails. Like talking, intimacy and sex.

Communication: They have their own thoughts and feelings on objects as well as the reply from objects.

Most of them are not interested in sexual things, spiritual connection and their own feelings are the most important things for them.

Photos, models and other things of the original object what OS people’s beloved can help them feel the one they loved is close to them.

Lack of acceptance by society, privacy and proximity are the main problems for OS people.

Overall, personally I think if OS people(animism) have the ability of creating their own thoughts on objects, then in some way it means OS people(animism) are personating the object. Thus, this phenomenon can be seen as imposing their own thoughts upon to objects. To a certain extend, put own thoughts on another things is personating because OS people are human beings. So this is a contradictory situation for the introduction from OS official web and what he/she said in corresponding with me.

(Note: Love Among the Objectum sexual,

What is OS people:

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