Reflection – Research Procedures / Methodology

Social research and social science perspective:

Specially during the period of MA degree, the process of research is the basic and most important step for preparing project. Or the project would be unconvincing and no meaningful.

Social science methodology is the process of systematic collecting, analyzing and summarizing, which is research and based on social science perspective.

From my perspective, before starting a project, to find the problem or phenomenon and demonstrate the value of that, then a clear goal being generated through your mind.

For the next step, digging out the deficiency and the current situation of those objects via reading literatures and documentations.

After that, a clear and specific of research question, variable and hypothesis coming up. Based on above procedures, then referencing various aspects of readings and phenomena from different fields such as anthropology and psychology so that a comprehensive design will be come true gradually.

The key is the iterative process of research to the research questions, methods, and materials, which would leads to new ideas, revisions and improvements.

What I wanna talk about is the independent cognition of everyone in social science:

A common understanding from social science aspect is a main body of knowledge that has been collected extensively, classified, analyzed and interpreted. At the same time, the importance of objectivity is an important role in social science as well.

As an individual, everybody may acquire various perspectives on a certain object based on their own experience, education background and so on.

From different areas such as anthropology, archaeology, sociology and psychology, the scholars have their own unique opinion based on their understanding of a specific field. One thing is certain that there is a correlation of knowledge and social values via large number statistical surveys. But by the 20th Century the various social sciences developed their own theoretical perspectives replacing the mathematical analysis. (Shilujas.M, Methodology & Perspectives of Social Sciences, History of Social Sciences, p14) As a result, a certain realm of theory has been developed into a intensive branch which emphasized the development of interdisciplinary and cross-disciplinary approaches.

As researchers referencing a plenty of theories via various documents and literatures, rigorous interrogation of empirical evidence should be justified. Empirical evaluation is an important part of doing research based on social science perspective. (Daniel L, 1995, Anthropology Newsletter, Objectivity, Truth, and Method, A Philosopher’s Perspective on the Social Sciences)



Group Proposal – Research Procedures / Methodology

Social science perspective is one of characteristics of existing methodologies. The page of research procedures / methodology is showed in Research Procedures / Methodology for Artists & Designers which is written by Carole Gray and Julian Malins that saying social science methodology actually comes from Newtonian Science Methodology and Quantum Science Methodology. Meanwhile, social science perspective is also the synthesis of above two methodologies. There are different aspects of knowledge such as cultural, educational, behavioural and empirical that would be used in social science perspective and even that providing a multifarious guidance for researchers.

The term of bio-hacking is mentioned in the assigned brief, so what is bio-hacking?

Our group started with the term of Bio-hacing and we are trying to link different aspects to this term. So we can say that we were discussing how to use correlations of various fields in social science perspective.

At the beginning of human beings, they attributed the world they living in and lots of phenomena to spirits and supernatural things. However today, our natural world is studied by the scientists, philosophers, biologists and so on. (Methodology & Perspectives of Social Sciences,Smt. Shilujas.M, p4)

In methodology, doing research just like doing a biological experiment. Biologist would do a plenty of experiments from various ways even they put those research experimental outcomes as objects so that they can precisely acquire an answer what they want to figure out. So the same as methodology, combining versatile knowledge from other areas such as cultural, educational and behavioural to get a comprehensive result.

Overall, for students, researchers or even teachers, to get a well-founded outcome via an multidisciplinary approach through social science perspective is a way to synthesize multiple disciplinary perspectives and try to redefine problems and then get a new perspective or understanding of complex situations.


Presentation – Walter Benjamin

Our group is assigned to read a part of the book called <The work of Art in the Age of Mechanical  Reproduction> by Walter Benjamin. Overall, this book is talking about the differences between classical art and modern art from the aspect of art production theory and discussing the new artistic form – mechanical reproduction.

The part my group discussed is about the history of the form of an artwork such as woodcut and lithography and the development of them. Later, Benjamin is talking about his relationship among time, space, uniqueness and religion of an artwork . And then he is explaining his theory – Aura which is related to politics. At last but not the least, he is presenting the affects of modern technology on an artwork and then about the politics again.

From this book, what I am interested is ‘Aura’ theory. It says, ‘If, while resting on a summer afternoon, you follow with your eyes a mountain range on the horizon or a branch which casts its shadow over you, you experience the aura of those mountains, of that branch.’ From my perspective, I think the conversation and distance between visitors and artworks are inexplicable. I mean only visitors themselves can feel that individually. Different people with different purposes and understanding. To a extend way, this is a kind of ‘aura’ which is existed in the distance between an artwork itself and the viewer.

Also, understanding of arts for the masses is becoming much easier by mechanical reproduction.

Eva's notes

Eva’s notes

— 12/11/2015