Dune & Raby chose the topic of over-populate the planet. They present the idea via an easy way (photography) which uses design to post the question rather than making technology.

Although their project is not about technology things, the photography is powerful and remains a large ‘white’ space for audience to think about the issue and the following possible, which is meaningful.

Or we can say, the combination of the real and the future which is much impressive because of the reality.

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Film Workshop by Joseph Popper

A two-day film workshop is finished by this Friday. It was really meaningful and fun, especially for collaborating with group members and watching the final outcomes with all BA and MA interaction students. Although we are not really know the skilled skills , we do enjoy the whole process that from the beginning with nothing to the last achievement with a few knowledge of shooting from what we learned.

The first 30mins short film is about superpower and out topic is precognition. Our script is something like people have the ability of seeing what will happen next and then they can do actions to prevent the bad things happen. From the first practice, we spent too much time on thinking about the script. Thus, we had less time to do shoot and edit.

屏幕快照 2016-01-30 下午10.02.49

The second 3min short film, we are given a simple brief which is a little bit strange. Generally, that is about a guy goes into a strange zone where is fill with different artifacts. After he or she touches those artifacts, he or she will has a different destiny. Based on the brief, we decide to using white balloons to decorate a dark space with white light. Each time then he or she touches the balloon, he or she will be transmitted to another place, just like a time jumper to see various scenes.



Overall, we all do enjoy the class and shooting. Hope to have more film workshops lol



Critical Relflection

Having a look at design situation in nowadays, most designers are designing required things because of the mass mechanical production and consumerism society. Under the system of capitalism and the requirement of market demand, design might can be seen as a passive working. “Why design” and “Design for what” is becoming two keys for design instead of “How to design”. Then “design” is rising up the philosophical level which is embarrassing for the current status.

Critical design method might be equal to speculative design that the purpose is to think the possibilities of the future and heuristic thoughts to stimulate people’s infinite imagination space. Design is a long way to explore, using the knowledge what you got and challenge it again and again, taking the responsibility of society and experiencing different social roles, and see how far design can go. Maybe at last, design will not stop because there is no end of the future.

The society of control is a new way that government or authorities have the power of controlling people via using digital media method. For instance, the trend of stock and the up and down of exchange rate. Overall, it is a consistent control and real-time information spread. Also, is a way running by

Design and the Construction of Publics

About this article, it is about the importance of constructive of publics in contemporary design as an experimental way. Also, speculative design is included as well. By connecting public issue with design to explore the formation and structure of society and increasing the social awareness, motivation and even politic action among human being to do self-reflection.

According to Dewey who claims that the public is an apparent entity and is the root from current state, then the further consequences of issues will come out because of that. In another word, it can seen as an inquiry that how publics are made or created and how design contributes to the construction of publics. Moreover, because the pluralism and multiplicity of the issues, the final outcome of scenario can be comprehensive, constructive and directional.

Objective to design that to figure out the issues, is a way beyonds common design. Condseiring widely and deeply and try to be researcher. The tactic of projection, going back to the initial of an issue and seeing the reality.speculating the future and using knowledge of the past and present to think what might be effectively. The tactic of tracing, via a versatile perspective to look at an artifact, event or idea to communicate and discuss with others. After that, the public or an issue perfectly appearing. Also, a plenty of practices is important for constructing publics based on the fact and realism. In addition, comparing projection and tracing, for the more grounds of possibilities.

Postscript on the Societies of Control – Reflection

According to Gilles Deleuze, the main idea of societies of control in his postscript is about the changes of format of society from the past to the present and then to the future. Also, it shows the limitation to traditional cognition mode and encourages people face to uncertainties bravely to adapt to the real word creatively. To a certain extend, Gilles puts desire as the strong power of free flow of producing and the difference as the essence of life.

From Gilles’ perspective, family, school and barracks are seen as cages rather than a freedom land, because there is a specific discipline which is must be followed for each one. All of these places look like a free and holy place but actually is not. As a result, people are restrained and only do things mechanically again and again. But why the prison is still existed in modern society of control?

About control, that is contained in adaptability. Also, that be can seen as modulation. For instance, control is equal to mathematic formulation and there is a plenty of variabilities (modulation) for a certain aim (outcome) via different ways and keeping modulating and changing it.

In modern society under the control, there are lots of things that people are unable to grasp and seize, because there is a transferable feature of status. Different things are able to co-exixt in a certain situation, and those things are mutually working. In art design areas, especially for the process of creating an artwork, design freely is important for designers to do what they want to to rather than restricted in a realm. Design could be a versatile way that combing various knowledge to create an outcome that reflecting the real world.

Beyond Radical Design – Reflection

Actually, I agree with the author partly. Talking about radical design, it is necessary to back to anti design first which is a part of radical design. Anti design is a movement of opposing pragmatism & modern design in 1960s Italy. The movement was aim to think and design in thoughtful and meaningful ways rather than produce commercial commodities with vulgar benefits. Also, considering unlimited possibilities from different aspects and get rid off rationality and function of production is one of the points of anti design. However, it is inevitable to produce those commercial and functional products because people need these basic functions (demands). Not everyone is able to own a super state of being versatile, some people submit to their existing achievement. Furthermore, the power of changing is  such tiny because of the system of politics (capitalism and socialism) that individuals are restricted by governments or rules.

Radical design is influenced by utopia imagination. Utopia world is an ideal world (i.e. ideal politic system) but totally opposite with the current world where we living in now. Maybe only utopia world can be seen as a real world that it is completely for various development of design.

Speculation design, it can be seen as a combination of ideology and value are the cores of speculation. The key of this method in design is to be extensive involved. From author’s perspective, to be a designers should start from design itself which is a progress of collecting and discovering surprises instead of thinking the final outcome at first. Everything is connected by each other (all kinds of areas) and there must be plenty of intersections. Also design is not start with a specific problem, once you do it, then you are restricted in it forever.

Designers should not limit their ideas and thoughts and the future what they already set up for themselves. It is better to engage in various aspects and areas. Providing a space for people that they are able to expand and get more possibilities to develop it. (debating / discussing). As a driving force of design, it is necessary that designers share a platform for everyone let them imaginary things freely and ensure people have enough freedom of speaking. Also exploring alternative scenarios. That is a health speculation.