Final outcome – V&A

For my V&A project, I used a hologram way to display the badges. In terms of the badges founded in a plain plastic bag in the V&A archive, they are representing certain moments and events for each regular SIGGRAPH conference which was held annually since 1974. Through the new format of showing the badges in a virtual 3D way rather than exposing them to the public directly, which is a method to guide the audience back to those things curiously and think about what the badges  are, reducing extra interpretations. At the  same time, a sentimental value will be amplified when an individual suffering challenges at the present. The secrets hidden in the old objects are able to stimulate unconscious parts in his or her mind. Moreover, discovering the new meaning of the badges based on the audience’s personal memory and then achieving a fulfillment for both of their past and future.


About the badge 2 – V&A Research

Onece you opened the box, there is an unexpected world coming in sight  As time goes by, the value and meaning of an older object passes away and be put into the box, waiting for someone to rediscover it. It does no matter if the old object is bearing certain good or bad association, it always reminds us of what happened in the past and also are blended into individuals’ identities.


About the badge 1 – V&A Research

As souvenirs, they should be preserved. But here, they are in a plstic bag. If no one ask to these things, then maybe people will never remember them. Display method is able to change the attitude to different things. At the same time, the value of an object itself would be added a lot.


First idea and initial research- V&A

For the first idea, according to Stewart that souvenir means the status of I was here. And in nowadays, souvenir is replaced with photography because it is much easier to take a photo which can easily saved and take it out for others anywhere. At the same time, with the help of Twitter, audience can take a selfie that can demonstrate the status of I was here and post it to twitter. Then there is a collection of audiences’ selfies generated.  But thre problem is Chinelle and I ignored the badge itself.

A radio will play the introduaction of SIGGRAPH and main purpose of this project.



Souvenir by Blue Curry – V&A Project

Blue Curry uses different combs to build various small sculptures as a new format without interpretations to let people think about the meaning of combs and sculptures. He collected these combs in India and UK markets. At the same time, there is a post of ocean behind the exhibits to create an infinite background. Also he puts these exhibits in gallery window is for audience can view them no matter far away or by the gallery easily. In that situation, audiences are able to imagine widely with no boundries.

He interests in the exotic, thus he puts exoticism into his work to convey the notion of when something doesn’t seem like it belongs in the place it is encountered. It could be seen as a way to show the exceed meaning of combs themselves.