The first draft for speculative design

This is the rst draft for the project, a video of di erent animals’ hunting habits.
We edited the lm from existing animal documentories to show the ability of adapting to natrure environment. On the other hand, evoking people to rethink whether they have the ability of living in the world without technical tools or not.

Please watch the video on:

Snip20160619_5 Snip20160619_8 Snip20160619_9 Snip20160619_10 Snip20160619_11Snip20160619_12


Research 03 – Between Reality And The Impossible by Dunne & Raby

Dune & Raby chose the topic of over-populate the planet. They present the idea via
an easy way (photography) which uses design to post the question rather than making technology.

Although their project is not about technology things, the photography is powerful and remains a large ‘white’ space for audience to think about the issue and the following possible, which is meaningful.

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