Research 02 – Collaborative Project (Olfactory installations)

Invisible Scent

By Peter De Cupere

This work is using scent / perfume / odor as painting materials and drawing on the wall by using that. For the outcome, the wall is still a white wall but with odor. Audience do not use eyes to enjoy the painting, instead, nose. From my perspective, that is a new way to explore a painting and pay attention to the importance of the function of nose.

The Art of Scent 1889 – 2012

By Diller Scofidio + Benfro design

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Research 01 – Collaborative Project (Smell maps)

Smell Map Narratives of Place — Paris by Kate McLean

Developing a new angle of view of visiting a city (Paris) based on human olfactory experience, which is a way to explore the involuntary imagination and memory in human mind. Also, it is an emotional connection between people and places. Furthermore, the relationship between environment, city and peoples able to rediscover.

Kate choses Paris as her research place. First, perceiving smells which are distributed equally cross the city and able to represent Paris best and then recreating smell through a variety of techniques. After that, Kate invited different participant to smell the scent and then write down the feeling (might be a past experience, or similar scent or something else what are related to the scent). Based on the data she collected, then she visualized the data in form of cartography and digital app/pdf.

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Her personal website:


Maps are made of permanent features, while smell is evanescent, temporary, and transitory. A practical map allows users to relate its markings to the landscape they see, but a smell-map records odors that may exist only at the moment of its making; modern maps take an imaginary aerial view, but a smell-map has a human viewpoint, and is made on the ground, walking.

— Vagueness Gridlocked

A Map of the smells of New York

By Eleanor Margolies


There is another work called Smells of New York City by Jason Logan.


Arduino Take Off Workshop

Today, all the class is doing a workshop which is using arduino thing to send messages. All students are separated into 6 groups and distributed at 6 different places in LCC campus. The only request of transmitting message is using arduino and no any wireless.

For my group, Dele, Miyu and me are decided to use an old cup telephone way to transmit the message. In addition, through knocking the bottom of the cup via arduino and counting it for define the location of letters in coordinate graphs. 

For other groups, one group used the LED lightto present the letters; one group uses the colorful and shape of flags by rotating them; one group knock  the drum to generate the sound to define 26 letters. Anyway, that is an interesting workshop. About the final message is ‘shake hand’ with reception guys.

Trough the practice, it is a chance of exploring the possibilities of arduino and communicate with partners in a corporation way, also today’s work can be senn as a low *high task.


The age of Digital / Analogue – By Sisi Lu

This is a sound based alive performance / installation. This project is combing the relationship between human beings, nature and machinery era. That is a kind of expression of modern reflection of the world. Siri Lu and his team travelled across Britain and captured visuals and sounds from factories and nature scenarios, also they create the mixed sound for each scene.

What I saw from his project is Sisi’s love of mechanical objects (especially for the car) and the complexity of attitude on nature and mechanism in current environment situation. Obviously, the continuous development of mechanism in modern society is conflictive against with the circumstance what people are living in now. To a certain extend, this project is not only a way to explore the relationship, but also a positive way to look at mechanism and nature. Maybe that is a double-win method for each side.


Speculative Design – Workshop

We are glad that Georg comes to our course and talks with us about speculative design.

Let’s go back to what if. What if all human beings are not central power any more among all species,  then what kind of world would become to? Why should we think about it? Because human being might deplete all natural resources, what can people do after that? Will one of other species replace people? Is that necessary to preserve all information of human being that is able to keep it for that species to figure out the history of people just like what people do at the moment?There are a plenty of what if will happen in the future, speculative design is not only about the what kind of high tech will be, but also discover and dig out the possibilities of human beings. To a certain extend, we can say that speculative design is a rational way to think about the future with other fields in a multidisciplinary way. The most important point, no matter what gonna happen, there must be a reason for the why.

During this workshop, we were thinking about a specific topic what can be changed or used or created in a group. So what if there is no more contraceptive pills, then what will happen. The reason what we try to do is about how to help female could be more fair with male and improve current medical system. We took this why and reason into local, national, global and design four aspects and were talking the probabilities. In the afternoon, we got 2 hours to think about a whole procedure from the current issue to a future possibility about using of cockroach to be a domestic tool (cleaning tool) because cockroach is a pest for now. But we can use the good feature of cockroach and then help human beings.